Female broga teachers and instructors

Broga® is NOT just for men: how we’re breaking down gender barriers in yoga not rebuilding them!

Post by Matt Miller, Broga® Founder

Broga® is just for men, right!?

Broga instructors are men and women

Many Broga® instructors are women themselves!

This is definitely the top question asked about Broga® for those who haven’t already heard about it from a friend.  And it could not be further from the truth.  30% of Broga® teachers and participants are actually women, which is ironic, as that figure is the exact flip of yoga class participation by gender; overall under 30% yoga participation is male.

So “why do we need ‘man’ yoga, that sounds totally sexist if you ask me?”  This is a popular follow-up question by women and the answer is already built into the demographic figures mentioned above: by gender, less than 30% of participation in yoga classes is male.  Clearly men have not been getting the right message or feeling welcomed .

“That’s interesting but how does Broga® solve that problem other than just saying it in the name?” Broga® is much more than a cheeky name.  It embodies our entire ethos and practice.

  • It addresses the male sensibility of any workout or physical activity making you feel like you really pushed yourself to the limit.
  • Broga® doesn’t assume you are a bendy-Wendy type or even that you can touch your toes. From the very first class, it is accessible and scalable without ever making new participants feel like they are doing the remedial version B of what everyone else is up to .
Broga is not just for men

Broga isn’t exclusively for men, we’re about trying to even up the balance in yoga classes

  • Since the Broga® workouts are systematically organised by body part participants always know what they are getting into and can strategically plan the rest of their fitness for the week.
  • The language of Broga® is always anatomical and logically based even though the movements are solidly grounded in 3000 years of yoga practice. We promise you will never be asked to “breathe through your kidneys”, “open your heart” “look through your third eye” or “lift your pelvic floor”!
  • And finally though there is value and calm in solace. We aim to build a community and “bro”therly connection. Every Broga® class ends in participants interacting and helping each other do more than what they could ever do on their own.  We find this signature element an amazing way to be social-building and community-minded rather than the practice being entirely introspective and self-absorbed.
Broga power for men and women

Broga power!

In short, no one at Broga® is trying to alienate women, we love and encourage women in our classes! Not to mention that there are many women who actually want to build more strength, tone muscles and not just gracefully flow about and think esoterically of opening like a flower!


About Matt “the Pillar” Miller

Yoga and fitness fanatic Matt is the founder of Broga. Living in London, Matt is a perennially sunny Californian spreading fitness inspiration and wellbeing to a wide audience.

He has been an American Football athlete, a UFBB super heavyweight Bodybuilder, a member of the US National Association of Sports Medicine, has Multiple yoga teaching certifications, was one of the first (and the youngest) to have a total titanium femur and pelvic joint, and is an internationally known Celebrity Personal trainer as seen on TV.


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