HFE interviews Matt Miller, founder of Broga®

HFE Interview Matt the Pillar Miller

HFE personal trainer training qualificationsHFE (Health and Fitness Education) is a leading provider of fitness qualifications in the UK, including personal training courses and yoga. They recently caught up with The Pillar himself to talk his all-star sporting background, falling into yoga and founding the ever-popular Broga® .

The extensive interview started with some of Matt’s most memorable career moments. Thinking back, he said: ” I have had the privilege of doing so many different things in sport. In high school I played water polo, swam and played football. American high schools have three separate seasons and you can you play one to three sports in a year. Playing three is called being All-Star so we swam, played water polo and football in the same year. Then playing for my university USC was a very exciting opportunity as well.”

Broga UK Classes

From here he moved into body building and worked with none other than four times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler: “He was my first trainer and my first experience in the world of bodybuilding! Having someone at the absolute pinnacle of the sport working with me gave me an amazing education, ethos and pushed me in the right direction. I went on to compete and win titles in California, Illinois and London.”

Matt fell into yoga after multiple injuries and surgeries. This eventually led to the creation of Broga. He said: “The bug bit me, I went to India and became a yoga instructor and then Broga® was born. I thought I would use my new yoga background, my PT experience and my role creating group fitness classes for Gymbox. I thought I would put this all together and make something that I myself would want to do, and that was structured the way my body can handle it and grow from it. So that’s what I did.”
And what makes Broga® so different and challenging? Matt explained: “It’s a proper workout, there’s a massive fitness element to it. So when you go to classes, you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth…  It doesn’t assume you know anything. It lets you build up and progress…  It has this brotherly element, you help each other out. You don’t really get that in a yoga class or even generally in group fitness unless it’s in say a CrossFit environment. It’s about this brotherly idea of doing more together and that’s a really valuable part of every class.”

The full interview can be read on HFE’s blog.

About Matt “the Pillar” Miller

Matt Miller, “Soft as a pussycat”

Yoga and fitness fanatic Matt is the founder of Broga. Living in London, Matt is a perennially sunny Californian spreading fitness inspiration and wellbeing to a wide audience.

He has been an American Football athlete, a UFBB super heavyweight Bodybuilder, a member of the US National Association of Sports Medicine, has Multiple yoga teaching certifications, was one of the first (and the youngest) to have a total titanium femur and pelvic joint, and is an internationally known Celebrity Personal trainer as seen on TV.

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