Broga classes with stitch leggings

sTitch leggings: Liberating men from conventional sportswear

Guest post by Luke Shipley co-founder of sTitch leggings

The Oxford dictionary definition of leggings is: “Tight-fitting stretch trousers, typically worn by women or girls”. Sounds a bit sexist? I’m not a fan of that definition.

How about the Google definition for Meggings?: “Leggings for men. A blend of the words ‘male’ and ‘leggings’. Male leggings, or ‘meggings’ are currently causing a stir in Tokyo, according to the folks at InventorSpot… 62% of women polled about meggings found them ‘uncool’.”

I don’t like that one either.

Why should men face such stereotypes wearing meggings? Especially in a day and age when gender equality is more publicized than ever. Where has this come from?

The Dragons didn’t understand sTitch’s mission!

As a founding member of sTitch leggings, an exclusively male leggings brand, I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

A little history lesson: The first leggings reported were in the 13th century worn by gentry types and King Henry VIII. We then saw cowboys padded buckskin leggings to protect against the chafe whilst on horseback.

Next the US army thought meggings would be a handy garm in World War II. Leggings only hit female fashion in the 1960’s and have peaked in popularity in the last 10 years.

Broga with stitch leggings

No more ripped shorts in Broga class!

So it is only in the past 50 years that leggings have been transformed into a female fashion garment. Women have taken our precious leggings for their own and we should be fighting to have them back!
Leggings were a functional item for males in some societies however now male’s wearing leggings face judgement! Would King Henry VIII, the cowboys, the US army let this stereotype stop them? I think not. So let’s take them back!

sTitch leggings is attempting to squash this gender stereotype by advocating males wearing leggings for any function they see fit.

Stitch leggings whilst practicing Broga YogaWe are also trying to bridge the gap between functional wear and fashion wear by creating leggings which are thick, breathable but also have a unique look.

Our leggings are perfect for Bro’s yoga’ing and are already worn by some teachers across Europe. Now it’s your turn to try them out for size!

Happy Broga-ing!

About sTitch leggings

sTitch leggings was founded by Tom Hunt and Luke Shipley after the pair became sick of wearing ill fitting workout clothes to various classes. Aiming to allow men the stretch and comfort when they workout as well as in day to day life, sTitch offer a variety of prints and styles for every man’s need. Find out more here.


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